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North Wales-based Filmmaker.

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Hi, I'm Dewi.

I'm a freelance filmmaker born, raised and based in North Wales, and I've been happily immersed in the world of broadcast, branded content, and film productions for over a decade.

As a self-shooting director, I've had the privilege of contributing to a wide array of broadcast projects and an abundance of branded content over the years. My expertise spans reality shows, sports events, and musical programming, and my true passion lies in the art of crafting documentaries and short films. What I really take pride in is my versatility, and the ability to seamlessly adapt my skillset to suit the unique needs of any production.

At present, I own and operate the industry-standard and Netflix-approved Sony FX cinema line cameras (full kit list can be found here). My journey has led me to work as a lighting cameraman, director of photography (DOP) and drone operator on diverse productions for major UK broadcasters (full credits can be found here).

Winning Business of the Year - September '18

I'm genuinely enthusiastic about each new opportunity that comes my way, as it allows me to bring my experience and passion to life in different ways.

I'm excited about the possibility of contributing to your upcoming ventures, so let's connect and explore how we can collaborate to make something truly special.



Ar Dâp: Miwsig Cymru 2023 // TV Series // Director, DOP and Editor
Stafell Fyw // TV Series // Director, DOP and Editor
cheers. // Commercial // Director, Writer, DOP and Editor
Theatr Bara Caws // Short Film // DOP and Editor
Ar Dâp: Miwsig Cymru 2022 // TV Series // Director, DOP and Editor
Y Gymraeg a Pontio // Commercial // Director, DOP and Editor
Penrhos Polish Village // Commercial // Director, DOP and Editor
Dylan's Restaurant // Commercial // Director, DOP and Editor

Trusted by.

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Theatr Gen Cymru
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+447446 463799

Director // DOP // Camera & Drone Operator // Editor

Broadcast // Branded Content // Film // Live


Filming BBC Two's Take a Hike - June '22

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